The Methow Music Association

The Cascadia Chorale

photo by Sue Misao - Methow Valley News


photo by Marcy Stamper - Methow Valley News

The Pipestone Orchestra

photo by Sue Misao - Methow Valley News


photo by Marcy Stamper - Methow Valley News


photo by Marcy Stamper - Methow Valley News

Cascadia’s mission is to create opportunities to learn, hear and perform quality music in order to sustain a thriving musical community.



From it's beginnings in 1986, Cascadia has grown into an organization that fosters and nurtures music and music education throughout the year here in the Methow Valley. The Cascadia Chorale, the Pipestone Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble and Pipestone Youth Orchestra provide performance opportunities for all ages.

 Cascadia and Pipestone events took place during some of the most difficult times of the summer season.

Photograph of square dancing

 Square Dance at TwispWorks with the Tall Boys

Picture of the Tall Boys singer

 The Tall Boys' Lead Singer

Picture of the Tall Boys guitar player

 The Tall Boys' Guitar Player

Picture of Tall Boys workshop

Workshop with the Tall Boys at the Shafer Museum

Pipestone summer camp violinists

Two Violinists at the Pipestone Summer Camp

Cascadia and Pipsetone School of Music are getting ready for the next round of scholarship auditions. There will be a total of $500 available to students in need of assistance in paying for music lessons here in the Methow Valley. Applications will be available in September and the auditions will be in the early to mid Fall 2014. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks to all the people that volunteer their time to help with Cascadia events throughout the year.If you would like to be involved as a volunteer or join our board, please call the Cascadia office at 509-997-0222, or talk to one of our board members.You can help shape the musical culture of the Methow Valley.

Dec 15 2011


The Methow Valley Community Center is 100 years old in 2012! The building houses the Twisp Public Library, The LFW Dance Studio, Door No. 3 Print Studio, and several other organizations, as well as Pipestone School of Music and Cascadia.

Cascadia Audio Player

Music Lessons at Pipestone!

Pipestone can help find you the right teacher for your level and instrument.

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